Thursday, May 17, 2012

Exterior Painting! Painted Brick with Behr Brick Paint!

The yellow brick ranch isn't yellow anymore!  yay!!

I originally planned to have the house painted in slightly different colors...a more khaki colored tan for the body, and darker trim in the windows, but the more I thought about it, I realized I wanted a grayish-beige color. The color is called 'Quail Ridge' by Behr. Much more modern.  Also, works nicely with the stone around the entryway.  I also decided to do a lighter grey on the trim around the roofline, and above the windows.  That color is "Pebbled Shore", also by Behr.  The very top 4" of roofline I wanted to do a darker color, to make it look like the metal overhang on modern homes, so we painted that "Espresso Beans", another Behr color.   We did the garage door in Espresso Beans, along with the front door, and the remainder of the trim (windows, doorways, etc) were just regular semi-gloss bright white.  All of the paint that touched the brick was a polymer paint designed specifically for brick that stretches up to 600%.  It's called Behr Elastomeric Polymer Paint.   They had to color-match the Quail Ridge color, because they did not have it in elastomeric, but I think the color came out perfectly!   This paint is not your average paint.  It does not chip or peel, and has a lifetime warranty.   The painter sealed the entire house with a primer that seals in all of the brick, and then painted on the color.   I think it looks pretty amazing!  I was also VERY happy with our painter, Sebastian Ruiz, and would recommend him and his team to anyone looking to paint exterior or interior in the metro west Massachusetts area.  Sebastian can be reached via email at

Please ignore the building permit sign on the window! We are still working! I plan to add a small row of flowers along the walkway to the front of the house, and might even add a contemporary window box under the large dining room window to soften the look of the house and add a pop of color.  My "to-do" list never ends!

Stay tuned for more!

Happy Renovating!


  1. Hi Nikki... your house is wonderful! What a great opportunity you have to really make this place shine. You are so right when you say that people (as you've seen in you business) take a look at this and can't "see" the potential and beauty. Which I can only guess is why it sat there for 6 years. You've already done a great job giving it a face lift on the outside. Looking forward to your progress on the inside. I too live in a modern home... it's not considered a ranch ... but it's definitely mid-century. We're constantly working to bring it up to speed. I love these homes and watching owners have great success with them. I'm excited for you. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Stacey!! I just checked out your blog and LOVE it!! Definitely an inspiration!! I also added you to my list of favorites on my blog! I don't have many readers yet, but maybe someday! :) a girl can dream ;) Happy Renovating!! ~Nikki

  3. Nikki, that's so cool of you! Thank you. I need to start a blog favorites because I've met so many people doing wonderful things worth sharing. I'll work on that and make sure you're on the list. I just love your house and will probably drive you crazy with comments, etc. It just too darn exciting to watch and I can't help myself. The followers will come so fast you won't know what hit you! Have fun!

  4. Thanks for the heads up man! I haven't known where to start measuring for your fascia. Now i have a quote already filled and checked!

  5. Is there any Exterior Painters in Fort Worth? Thanks. By the way the house looks awesome.