Friday, May 18, 2012

Priming Paneling and Wallcoverings!!

Happy Friday!!

I have BIG plans for this weekend!  See this box of wall covering?  (ignore all the junk around it! Did I mention that I am LIVING in this craziness?!?!?  It feels less like "living" and more like "camping"!!! haha!)

This wall covering is a very fun natural grasscloth from Allen & Roth that I scooped up with a 20% coupon at Lowes!  It's pre-pasted and not the super-high end stuff, but it feels very natural to the touch.  It was only $20.98 per roll, and with my 20% off it was only about $135 for all 8 rolls.  I am using this to cover all the old dark wood paneling in the house.  I thought about painting it, but the wood paneling is not the kind with a lot of smaller panels.  It's huge panels that are not perfectly close together....and paint would show the seam.  I tried wood filler, caulking and every possible solution available on Google.  But it seems covering them with this grasscloth will be the best solution.  I also love that the grasscloth has a 60's vibe to it, without being as dark and outdated as the paneling was.

Here's what the paneling looked like before!  (with the orange carpets and the previous owner's stuff)

here's the other side of the wall, between the bedrooms...

So far we've ripped up the carpet, put down Bamboo flooring (will talk more about that in a post that's coming soon!) and primed all the walls with this fabulous primer that makes anything stick!  It's called BIN by Zinsser and it's not cheap (over $40 per gallon! yikes) but it works great!  It's very runny, so you have to be careful when you apply it...and it's shellac, so wear gloves or you'll be wearing the primer on your hands for about a week (I learned the hard way).

This is what the walls look like now...the rest of the trim will be painted white.  I also fixed the ceilings, which were a terrible popcorn ceiling and had them sheet rocked and smoothed.  I also added recessed lighting throughout the living room to give it more light.  The huge pieces of wood above the paneling are actually covers for lighting (will post more on that later too!).  Those will be painted white.  The wall covering will go on just the parts where there was paneling.

see that brown door? that's the door for the 'soon to be pantry'.  i have big hopes for that too!

don't you love the pretty Bamboo flooring?!?!  The best part, it was only $1.99 sq/ft at Home Depot!!! :) :) i love a good deal! :)

What will it look like on Sunday night when I (please say a prayer) finish?  Check back Monday morning for my follow up post!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. I think the grass cloth will be beautiful. I actually taped and floated some of our paneling (also had the big sheets).. just like it was sheetrock. It worked pretty well, but it's so time consuming. This is an awesome solution! Can't wait to see it.
    The floors are perfect. What a difference some bamboo (at a great price) makes!
    So far, I'm LOVING your decisions. HAVE FUN!