Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yay!! Wallcoverings AND my Office Nook are done!!!

It only took me about a week longer than I had hoped, but the good news is that the wall coverings and the old linen closet that I turned into an office nook are finally done!!!  I am grinning from ear to ear as I type this :)

Here is what the old wood paneling looked like before I primed it and put the wall covering over it.

and here's what it looks like after (not the exact same wall because this wall is still being decorated)....

This is still a huge work-in-progress.  The TV is tiny (was in my bedroom).  Thinking of buying a new tv...maybe this one... Samsung 46 " Series 6 LED Black Flat Panel HDTV - UN46EH6000

Also need a cute rug for under the coffee table....
Fun Rugs Supreme Zebra Rug   thoughts?

Here's another angle...

This is what the living room facing the fireplace looked like before...

and here's the almost-after (not quite done yet) :)

It's so much brighter and just feels happier!

The fireplace was painted in Quail Ridge (same color as the exterior of the home) by Behr.  I still need to paint the gold trim on the fireplace, which I'll do an oil-rubbed bronze.   I'm going to add a mantle at some point and want to put a pretty mirror above it.  Thinking about something like this....

I'm definitely open to suggestions though!!

Getting back on track...I am SO SO SO SO incredibly in-love with my little office nook.  It's way better than having a linen closet in the middle of the living room.  If you're thinking of converting a closet into an office, do it! You won't regret it!

Here's how it looked before....

I took off the doors, and removed the lowest shelf.  Then I sanded and patched the spot where the shelf was attached to the wall.  I also removed the drawer pulls and added new cabinet drawer pulls.  I painted the entire inside of the closet in plain white trim paint, and painted the drawers in the same white paint.  I hung up a cork board and a board for photos....Here's what it looks like now...I looove it.  It's sad to be so excited about an office space. ;)

(please ignore the uncovered ductwork....i just finished wallpapering and still need to put the register covers back on)

And to top it all off, my cousin came yesterday and loved the house!  yay!!

I have so many more projects, the next project on my to-do list is to finish painting the kitchen cabinets.  I really want to be able to put my kitchen stuff away and start cooking!  Right now all of my kitchen stuff is piled in a huge mound in the middle of what someday might be the dining room.

Stay tuned, and thanks for being patient! I promise I won't wait so long to update this anymore.  It always annoys me when blogs I read don't get updated enough, and I want to keep this updated and current :)

Have a great day!


  1. Looks awesome Nikki! I love the office nook, very creative :)

  2. Love the office nook! I wish I could do something like that.

    1. thanks!! :) i saw a cute post about extra bedroom closets or closets in bonus rooms being turned into work spaces too. Maybe you could do it! :)

  3. wow!!! are you going to live there?! You have an EYE!! wow!

    1. thanks Deb! That's the best compliment coming from you! You have the best eye!! :) :)
      p.s. yes, I live here :)

  4. Nik- this all looks ridiculous!!!!!:) I can't get over how far you've come with the place in such a short amount of time! I'm absolutely loving all of your choices- and the office nook? Genius. Love it. I need you to come to my house next hehehehe :) Excited to see the final product!!!

    1. thanks Jac!! I can't wait to have you come visit soon!! :)

  5. Well, you've been REALLY BUSY! Wow, Nikki this looks amazing. As someone who's had to deal with LOTS of paneling... you really pulled this off. The paper looks awesome and completely changes the space... so light, open and airy. Paneling is so appropriate for this period of house.. but it's hard to live with. I tried, but dark and closed in does not make me happy! You made the right choice. But that office... O-M-G! Sometimes giving up an entire room for an office just isn't possible.. this is a homeowners dream come true. You are so lucky to have this and it looks picture perfect. Job well done and I know it was a ton of work.

    1. thank you!!! I know what you mean about the paneling. There's one wall where you can still see the seams under the wallpaper (no matter how much I filled the spaces, it still shows through), so I think at some point i'll have to pull that paneling down completely and re-sheetrock it, but for now this is good enough ;)

      i am very excited about the office space! using up a whole room didn't really make sense, so this was a great solution!

      p.s. i looooove the autograph doors you did!!! I'm thinking of making an old broom closet into a pantry and might paint the door in chalkboard paint to put up grocery lists, etc. Still thinking of ideas.

  6. I did chalkboard on my pantry doors and LOVE it. I think you would too.
    I do lists and different quotes each week.. draw pretty doodles. It's fun!
    Oh and I forgot to comment about the sunburst mirror. GO FOT IT! I think that would be a real treat in the room. It's "todays modern" with a mid-century feel. Perfect!