Friday, January 4, 2013

AdvoCare and getting healthy!

I have really struggled over the past few years with my health.  Outwardly I look healthy, but I have terrible GI issues, and recently found out that my blood sugar is too low. Way too low....and even when I eat, it doesn't go up high enough.

I have been working with the doctors and have another appointment on Monday, but in the meantime I have been focusing on doing lots of research on hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).  Everything I read says that non-diabetic hypoglycemia is either caused by an underlying problem like thyroid issues or endocrine issues...and I'm getting checked out for all of those potential problems.  Or, it can be caused by your body not tolerated glucose/sugar properly.  The diet would be a 40% complex carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat with very low sugars, no fake sugars (except Stevia which doesn't affect your blood sugar and is a natural plant product) and no refined carbs like white pasta, white rice or potato, etc.

Over the holidays I was really feeling miserable.  I have struggled with attention problems, and I'm diagnosed ADD for many years, which apparently is a big symptom of hypoglycemia! I wonder if I'm ADD after all.  I also struggle with many of the other symptoms....shakiness, dizzy spells, night sweats, sweatiness for no real reason, stomach aches, memory trouble, etc.

I decided that while the doctors figure out if there is an underlying reason, I'm going to take control of this as much as I can.  I've been logging what I eat in to My Fitness Pal which is a great tool.  I did go in and adjust the goals to give myself more calories (I want to up my metabolism) and also adjust the protein/carbs and fats to be the recommended 40 carb/30 fat/ 30 protein ratio.  It's super easy to use and so far has been really helpful.

In addition to tracking my food, I've been pretty careful about eating every 2 hours and eating high protein foods and eliminating the carbs and sugars.  The first two days I woke up with horrible headaches....which I think are sugar withdrawals.  Sugar feels like a drug! You get addicted and it makes you crave it and you get sick when you don't have it.  And it causes health problems! Ugh!!

I struggled to get enough protein on my own, and also I worry that I am not getting enough nutrients because my blood work showed my BUN level to be lower than the recommended range (something I'll be asking the doctor about on Monday).   In my searches for supplements, I found AdvoCare.  I ordered some products and so far, I'm a big fan!  I did my research and the products that I ordered are all safe for women who are pregnant...and NO, I'm NOT pregnant, but it's important to me to only use products that are SAFE.  I don't want any of those products that make people's hearts stop or cause issues.  They have a whole list of products and recommendations based on age and they show you what you can use at what age and what is safe for women who are pregnant/nursing.   I went through that list and ordered the products that I felt comfortable with now.  I figure I can add more later and also run them by my own doctor, which I think everyone should do when starting something new.

You can learn more about Advocare here, and ask me any questions you may have.  They have a great referral program, so if you decide to buy and you buy through my site, I do get a discount on my products but I can show you how you can get a discount on your products when you refer people too.  Nothing bad about spreading the word about a product you love! :)

The products I'm using are:

Spark (Instead of coffee in the morning, or for a midafternoon boost, this drink is a vitamin and energy drink that doesn't make you jittery and has TONS of vitamins.)  I also notice that this is excellent at keeping my mind sharp and focused.  For years I took medicine for ADD, and I can say without a doubt that Spark works better!! I like the pink lemonade flavor!

Breakfast Bar:  Switch out your morning coffee and donut or muffin for a Spark and a Breakfast Bar. Or, a meal replacement shake.

Meal Replacement Shakes:  One meal a day, have a shake.  Eat lean meats and veggies for your other meals.  I tend to eat big lunches because of my job, so this is good at night instead of a big dinner. It has 26 vitamins and minerals and 24g of protein! It's also delicious for breakfast.

Rehydrate:  Because of the hypoglycemia, I can tend to get dizzy when I workout, but this rehydrate drink mix helps me stay hydrated and healthy during and after workouts.

Probiotic Boost:  I have never had a good stomach, and these probiotics help keep my stomach calm.

Fruit & Fiber Bars:  I keep these in my purse for some extra fiber and calories when I'm out and hungry.  They're really good and also sweet, so they help with any sugar cravings.

I will keep everyone posted through this process.  I hope to get more answers from the doctor on Monday.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep eating healthy, taking my vitamins & supplements and working out.

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  1. Thanks for this post! I was looking up reactive hypoglycemia and advocare and yours was the 2nd up. Interesting to hear about how ADD is a symptom of Hypoglycemia as I suffer from ADD as well! I will have to try the 40/30/30 percentage to see if that helps me as well. Spark definitely helps with the ADD. My 10 yr old daughter uses it as well and it has helped her attention issues. Also use the ProBiotic Restore Ultra (capsules). :)