Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I am still me.

Yesterday was rough.  It was hard hearing that I do have SLE, systemic lupus, and that this will be a part of my life for my whole life.  It's not curable and it's now a part of who I am.  The doctor said that 6 years ago when I was having salivary gland stones, that I likely had a form of Sjogrens Syndrome, which has since developed into systemic lupus.  He said there was nothing I could have done if I'd known back then, so at least I know that no damage was done that could have been fixed.

What I know now is that I have to get all my organs tested and then get on a treatment plan.  I will be on medicine for my whole life, with varying strengths and forms depending on what's happening in my life at that time.  I am going to take the supplements the doctor wants me to take...huge doses of fish oil, vitamin d and b12.  I am going to work out with my cousin Sally, who's an awesome personal trainer.  I'm going to keep going to Julie, my acupuncturist and also modify my diet to be super healthy.

But in all of that, I'm going to try to find myself. I don't want to be a chronically ill person.  Yes I have a chronic illness, but I won't let it define me.  My friend who has MS has been a huge inspiration.  She said "give yourself a day to feel pity and then kick lupus's a$$".  Today is Day #1 of A$$ kicking.  

I am getting ready and doing my work today, then I'm cleaning up my house and going to ride.  Lupus is not keeping me from riding or from anything else in life.  When I need to modify, I will, but for now I'm going to focus on finding happiness in each day so that my days are not defined by Lupus.

Thank you all for your support. Please keep the stories coming of people who have long happy lives with SLE so that I can have some inspiration!  

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