Monday, June 3, 2013

From not being able to walk, to being able to run....

When I was first diagnosed with Lupus, I struggled to walk at night.  I would be okay during the day, but at night my joints would get so sore and stiff I could barely hobble to bed.  If I woke up in the middle of the night, it was so painful that there were times when I crawled to the bathroom in tears.

Thanks to Dr. Elinor Mody at Brigham and Women's, who has been amazing and put me on a drug called Plaquenil, I am now able to run, not just walk!  I remember I was told by a different doctor before meeting Dr. Mody that "you should live a long life, you just might never run a marathon".  And while I'm not running any marathons (yet!), I am running 3 miles consistently a few times a week! (and I've done some longer runs too!)  This is really big for me.  My speed isn't very fast, and sometimes I do get some discomfort...but I try to go easy on myself and remember how far I've come so quickly!

I was just diagnosed in January 2013 and it's now June 2013, so only 6 months has gone by.  I have also lost almost 10 pounds in what was likely water weight from being so puffy from all the inflammation.  My body feels great and my mind is more clear and focused.  

I've also opened my own company, which is a real estate brokerage in Sudbury Massachusetts that helps buyers and sellers with their home sales and purchases throughout the state of Massachusetts.  This has been a huge accomplishment for me.  It is also important to me that the company gives back.  We give 5% of our gross commission to a charity of our clients choice.  It's very important to me to "pay it forward" so many people have helped me in my life, I want to give back to those who need help too.

I have my 2nd three month follow up on Thursday of this week.  I'm a little nervous.  I get scared I'll be told that the Plaquenil isn't working or that there is another problem.  I'm trying to pray hard and remember that He is in control.  I know I'm strong and can handle anything given to me, but I am truly hoping for more good news.  The last time I had an appointment I was told I was doing great!  I am hoping for that same response this time!

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