Friday, July 12, 2013

Bette's Birds, and getting out of my comfort zone...

My cousin Bette asked me to feed her birds and water her garden while she's away.  I have the exact opposite of a green thumb, but I was up for the challenge.  Feeding the birds is easy enough.  It's keeping the plants alive that I was worried about.  I'm on day 6 and so far so good!  I meant to take a picture of the flowers today, but I forgot!

I will even admit that I kind of like it.  Standing there watering the flowers is peaceful, and seeing the little birds all excited for their food is nice too!

This is my job, filling this bird feeder.  Simple enough, right? If this was my responsibility every day, the little birds would go hungry!

 I didn't capture any pictures of the birds eating.  They won't eat while you're standing there, and I had work to do, so I had to leave.  I took this picture from Bette's bird blog, Birds on an Urban Edge. She has some really great photos, you should check them out!

And I thought this was cute! It would make a really cute iPhone wallpaper, if you're into birds and even if you're not :)

And if you do decide to try gardening (I am thinking about it!) I found this idea on Pinterest that's awesome! Especially because if the plants die (like they usually do) I can replace them more easily!

So my advice for this Friday is to go out and do something you normally wouldn't do. Maybe you'll enjoy it more than you thought!

xoxo Nikki

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