Wednesday, July 17, 2013

LIVING with Lupus...

I read a great blog post this morning by a woman named Jess who blogs over at "Hogwash | Thoughts on Food & Life".     Jess has lupus.  She blogs about it and also blogs about her life.  She wrote this:

I call my team Lupus Minimus, because once, when I went to sign up, I saw a team called Lupus Sucks, and I almost cried. Lupus is something I live with, in the background, like an eerie nightlight that occasionally shines a bit too bright. But the goal here isn’t to justify any sort of negativity. The goal of this walk isn’t to say this is why I suffer. The goal is to say this is why I live.

I completely understand what she's saying.  It's SO HARD to see blog after blog and website after website talking about how horrible lupus is and how there is no cure and how miserable people's lives are that have it.  Is it bad? Yes.  But it's also now a part of who I am, and my goal in life is to keep parts of my life from being referred to in that way.  I want to bring awareness to the other side of lupus, which is the incredibly strong women (and men!) who are LIVING with Lupus.  Living is the key word.  We live with it.  We don't cry every day.  We embrace our lives and move forward.  Cheers to Jess for putting it into words better than I ever could.

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