Wednesday, August 7, 2013


If you know me, you know that I don't have any living immediate family.  Most people would think that's sad, and to some degree it is.  But what I do have is amazing extended family and friends who are just like family to me.  I love this quote...
One friend who is JUST like family to me is my friend Jackie.  Her and I met years ago...something like 13 years ago, I think! She is seriously a sister to me...100%.  I've had a rough couple of weeks with various things happening in my personal life and she has been there to talk to, to encourage me, and to slap some sense back into me when I need it. ;)  That's exactly the sort of friend everyone needs, and as far as family goes...she's as good as it gets! I think everyone needs a little Jackie in their life! 

I'm also really blessed and lucky to have some great cousins and aunts and uncles.  My cousins Susan and Bette and Meredith and Jim are ALWAYS there for me.  They are the kind of people that just love you no matter what and I'm so happy to have them in my life.  The last few weeks we have been talking a lot about the best way to care for our Uncle Tony.  Uncle Tony isn't married and doesn't have kids, but we all come together to take care of him...and THAT is what family is supposed to do. 

Uncle Tony has been sick lately, he's 81 and has had some heart and mind problems.  I grew up living right next door to him, and he still lives in the exact same house.  Going back there is hard for me  because my mom is no longer there and a lot has changed.  One thing that is always the same there are the beautiful flowers in the garden.  My mom planted a lot of these flowers and seeing them bloom every year makes me positively sure that she's still with us.  I snapped this photo of his garden.  This flower is as big as it looks in the photo and is just beautiful.
Looking at this flower reminded me of a quote my mom always used to say "stop and smell the roses". As a kid I never really understood it.  Now as an adult, I know exactly what the quote means and why she always said it to me.  I would "go go go go go" and I never noticed the small and important things in life.  This flower isn't a rose, but it smelled so pretty and it was a great reminder to stop and reflect and be thankful for not only the people in my life but the moments that remind us what life is all about.  Those moments can happen in happy times and they can also happen in hard times.  I'm thankful for those moments.  I hope you are too :)

xo Nikki

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