Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's a sip of wine, it's summertime!

Who doesn't love Kenny Chesney?! This past Friday night I had the pleasure of chaperoning accompanying my gorgeous little cousin, Jenn and her friend Emily to CountryFest!  The headlining act was Kenny Chesney and he rocked it.  It was a really good concert!
This was right before the concert started...the seats were great!
The only challenge with field seats was that the people were a little crazy...except us, of course!
I had nothing to wear...all of my clothes are either for work or for working out (don't let that fool you into thinking I work out that much ;)), so Jenn loaned me this cute crochet top!  It was a little young for me, but it was fun hanging out with the teenage girls for the day! Made me feel youthful! :)

I'm so happy I went, it's definitely a memory I am grateful for!  Finding time to spend with family is so important! 

And with summer coming to an end, what are your Labor Day plans?  I'm not sure of mine yet, but I'm hoping for some good beach weather! 

xo Nikki

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