Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lupus Hair Loss

This is a hard post to write.  One symptom of Lupus is hair loss, and with systemic lupus it usually means that the lupus is flaring up.  Sometimes this happens due to stress causing the lupus to flare.  I have experienced hair thinning from Lupus in the past, and sadly it's happening again.  I am lucky to have a good head of hair, so losing some of it hasn't been noticeable.  I am hoping it doesn't continue, but it's been really scary and sad.  While it's "just hair", it's hard emotionally because as a woman my hair is a part of my overall looks and while it seems vain to admit, I am worried about things like my looks.  I pray that I get over that issue!  It also hurts scalp is sore and painful, and when the hair comes out it actually hurts.  My medicine helps a bit, and I hope it helps more soon.

This isn't me...but it's exactly how I feel.
If you have lupus, have you experienced hair loss or thinning? What have you done to help it? I have increased my dose of fish oil, vitamin D and B12 in addition to continuing my regular dose of Plaquenil.

xo Nikki

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