Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why buying a house is like the Bachelorette....

I love the Bachelorette.  Love it.   I've been watching the Bachelor and the Bachelorette since the first episode years back when my mom and I would watch together!  Ever wonder where they are now? Check out this video...

Back to the point of this post...

Today I was talking to a client who is struggling with what house to buy.  He's seen a few houses and is having a hard time knowing which one is right.  I told him "buying a house is kind of like dating...or have to see a few different houses to decide which one's right for you, but no person is perfect and no house is perfect either.  You also don't want to wait forever waiting for the perfect house, because like dating, there is no truly perfect person.  You just have to find the house that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling like the right person does."   

I really believe that just like dating, when you buy a house you have to buy the house that you can't stop thinking about.  

And hire a really good buyers agent who can (like Chris Harrison on the Bachelor/Bachelorette) talk you through each "date" and help you work through your emotions and make sure help you make a smart choice.   

I guess the good part of buying a house is that if you find out a few years down the road that there's a different house you like more, you can sell it.  If you marry the girl, a divorce is a little more challenging.  

So if you're out there house hunting, try to step back and think of it like dating.  You should let your emotions factor in, but don't let them overshadow the important facts.  Be smart about it! 

And if you need some help with the process (buying a house, not dating), check out my company.  If you need help with dating, I'm sorry but I can't really help you out with that! :)

xo Nikki

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