Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gluten Free Nutella Cookies..These are SO good!!!

I really really really do not like hazelnut.   At all.  But I loooooooove Nutella.  If you have never had it before, run to the store and buy a big jar.  It's near the peanut butter.  Don't eat a lot at once though, it's pretty heavily loaded with sugar.  But for a treat, it's delicious!

Lately I've been on the hunt for good gluten free recipes.  It's easier for me because then B doesn't have to have 2 different options, and I don't mind eating gluten free because a lot of people say it's better for lupus and autoimmune disorders!  The problem is that many gluten free baking recipes taste pretty gross.

I saw a recipe the other day for Nutella cookies with just 3 ingredients.  I figured this was the perfect recipe to try to make gluten free, because Nutella is gluten-free!  I just purchased this new flour mixture called Better Batter. It's a cup for cup substitute for all-purpose flour.
I ordered two boxes, so I was hoping it would be good! 

The recipe for these cookies is SO easy!  It's just the following 3 ingredients mixed together:

1 cup flour (for gluten free, use Better Batter). For regular cookies just use all-purpose
1 cup Nutella
1 egg

Mix well in a bowl.  Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

My mixture looked kind of crumbly...which worried me.  (the photo below is after I made 1/2 the batch, thats why the bowl looks kind of empty).  I almost forgot to take a pic! 

But I continued on....  

They were not the easiest to form into balls, but I managed to form them into 1" balls.  Put them on a cookie sheet, then flatten them with a fork the same way you would for old-school peanut butter cookies.  They don't spread during cooking, so go ahead and put them close together.  You'll get about 12 cookies from the recipe above.  Shocking, right?!  Seems like it would make less.

Bake them for 6 minutes.  Trust me on this.  Then leave them on the cookie sheet after they come out of the over for 10 minutes.  If you don't wait the 10 minutes you won't be able to lift them off the sheet.  

Cool them on paper towels.

They are SO INSANELY GOOD.  No joke.  Make these now and thank me later! :) 

xo Nikki

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