Saturday, October 26, 2013

Go Jackie!!!! My BFF is running a MARATHON!!!!

My BFF Jackie is running the Marine Corps Marathon tomorrow and I'm SO proud of her!

The photo above was taken YEARS ago...WAY before Jackie was running marathons.  I actually remember a time in Jackie's life when if you said "someday you'll be running a marathon and doing triathlons", she would have laughed at you!  Jackie, you've come a long way girlfriend!  I'm really proud of you.

You're an inspiration to me for being healthy, fit and strong.  Although I'm not running any marathons, you inspire me to put the cookie down and at least attempt to jog halfway around the block ;)  You also inspire me with your strong faith, your go-get'em spirit and your always optimistic (except when you have road rage) attitude about life!

I was looking through pictures to find the right one for the above edited photograph, and came across some cute ones of us over the years....

my favorite
McCourt Gala!!
your birthday.  one of the most hilarious nights EVER. period.
we were just little babies in this picture!! lol.  how old were we?? early 20's, right?  love it.
I tried my best to find a photo from one of our nights out at greater media, but that was pre-facebook and all of those pictures need to be scanned.  too much work for me this morning! 
another favorite.  this is SO us.  haha

Okay so getting back to the marathon tomorrow....

Three words of advice...  
RUN THE P!!!!!  

Now, if you aren't Jackie reading this and you wonder what on earth I'm talking about, take a look at this course map.  Do you see anything in the photo that would start with a P?  Just sayin'.  You know you see it.  And if you don't see it, then you don't have the same sense of humor as Jackie and I which makes you not that cool ;)
see it? I know you see it.

Have fun tomorrow Jac!!!  "Pace don't race"  That's my only advice, even though it's not really MY advice, it's something I hear from real runners.  I say, run your heart out girl! And position yourself behind some hot guy to look at for the race, because 26.2 miles is long.  really long.  I'm tired just thinking about it, but I know you'll do AWESOME!!!! 

Love you tons and tons!  Wish I could be there to cheer you on!

When you get back I'll make you some gluten free cupcakes, because after 26.2 miles you can eat ALL the cupcakes you want for at least a few weeks.  :) :)

p.s. I'll pray for you at church tomorrow ;) lol 

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