Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lupus Arthritis

Even though this is a Lupus blog, it's not often that I write posts about my lupus symptoms.  I try to keep the blog positive and happy, because I want women who are newly diagnosed to see that life can still be lived and enjoyed to the fullest with Lupus.   Today, I decided to write about one part of living with lupus that I find a little hard....lupus arthritis.  It's probably the symptom of lupus I dislike the most.

Typing this post is physically challenging today.  Some days the lupus arthritis is worse than others.  Today is one of those days.  My hands are really stiff and sore and my joints all hurt quite a bit.  I feel like an 80 year old...which isn't fun when you're 32!

I do my best to get exercise and take my medicine on time, but sometimes there's just no way to avoid it.  It hurts!  My hands swell up and I can barely use them.  I've tried every natural remedy, and I do take some Motrin (I can't take the stronger NSAID's like Celebrex because they give me high blood pressure.  Fun stuff, right? :/ ) and the Plaquenil does help, but some days there's no avoiding it.   Days like today can be discouraging.  Especially when on the outside I look totally fine, minus my swollen hands.
I saw this on a lupus website...and I actually hear most of this a lot.  A lot of people tell me "but you look good!".  Or "maybe you're just getting older or need more exercise".  Sometimes I want to pull out the huge 3 inch binder of blood tests and medical records and be like "look, really?"..or show them the medicine I take daily, or give them even 2 seconds in my body to feel it, although I wouldn't wish that on anyone! 

The reason for my post today is to reach out to women who are trying to be strong and act like lupus isn't affecting their life and say that it's okay if it is.  It's okay to admit that some day (or even most days, or even everyday) it hurts.  

That's the hard part about a chronic never goes away.  It becomes a part of our lives.  And thankfully for me, my life won't likely be cut short because of it (my doctor says my life span should be the same with lupus as it would be without lupus), it's just a part of my whole life.  

I am really lucky to have great family, great friends and a lot of support.  I have help when I need it and for that I am very blessed.

I am going to go relax and then work, but I just want anyone else with lupus arthritis or lupus symptoms in general to know that you're not alone! 

I truly believe, that with all things in life, there is good in EVERYTHING.  There is even good in lupus.  The good that has come from my lupus is that it's made me a more empathetic person.  I know that everyone is fighting a battle...even if we can't see it on the outside. 

xo Nikki

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