Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1st! Halloween Ideas

I love Pinterest.  I could spend hours browsing and re-pinning!  One of the best things about Pinterest is their ideas for the holidays.

Now that it's October 1st, it's making me think of Halloween.  I just love seeing the kids dressed up in their Halloween outfits!  I hope to get lots of trick-or-treaters this year!

In preparation for Halloween, I've been finding cute "pins" on Pinterest to re-create or inspire me.

My aunt Fana always put candy in little plastic baggies wrapped with ribbon for trick-or-treaters.  I thought it was so cute and decided to it too this year, in her memory!  A really cute Pinterest pin was this one...
I didn't think parents in my neighborhood would be happy if I passed out smores kits, like the photo above, and they'd just get tossed in the trash.  So instead of this idea, I put the candy in a baggy with an orange ribbon.   I admit I cheaped out on the ribbon, and just used regular curling ribbon...but I made over 100 of these baggies! Some for my house and some for B's.  
Here are mine...
I think they came out cute!  I also love how Instagram makes everyone's photos look SO much better!!! 

I also wanted to get the front porch decorated so when the trick-or-treaters come, it will look cute and festive.

First off I had to update my wreath.  I wanted a do-it-yourself project, so I browsed Pinterest.  I really loved this one...
Link here
and this one...
so I headed out to the local AC Moore with my 50% off coupon in hand and came home with a bunch of supplies.  And here's my finished product.
I still need to work on my crafting skills, but not too bad...right? :)  I'm already looking at ideas for Christmas wreaths!!!   

Next on my Halloween & Fall decorating list are....


Can't wait to go pick out pumpkins soon!!!
Here are some I love...
Love the bats! 
I also love this pumpkin with the Boo in buttons!
This one would be so pretty for the entire season of fall!

And of course, being in real estate, I have to highlight a few Halloween decorated rooms that I am so impressed with....

Check out this dining room!
Or this living room/entry way! Amazing tree!!!
And not much can beat this living room!  Who doesn't love Pottery Barn for not only great furniture but awesome decor ideas too! 

Happy October 1st everyone!!!! 
xo Nikki


  1. Super cute idea on the baggies!! Love them! We used to do bags at my house growing up as well :) I have no clue whether I'll have trick or treaters this year so I'm just doing an old fashioned bowl of candy.. not a chance I'm spending the time making all those bags if I only get 2 kids! hahahah :) Yay Fall :)

    1. I think you'll get a ton of trick-or-treaters!!! when I lived in Applebriar I got a ton of kids.