Saturday, October 5, 2013

Taking time to smell the roses...and watch the birds.

Well, there are no roses...but there are birds.  Lots of them.  Right in the backyard.  My cousin Bette who lives next door is a birder (I'm sure there's a fancier name for it!).  She has a great bird blog.  Check it out.  Even if birds aren't your thing, you'll love her gorgeous photography!

Today I worked, and then B was with the kiddos, so I headed over next door for beer and bird watching with Bette.
I know you don't see any birds in that photo.  There were birds, I promise.  I just don't have the talent (or the camera!) to capture them.  You'll have to go see Bette's blog for the good bird pictures. 

I did capture a few birds...nothing exotic ;) 
I did learn that the turkey with the red head is a boy.  The white turkey is a girl.  With birds, boys get all the good looks.  Figures that even with birds, the guys don't have to try hard and they're still good looking.  

Bette taught me about the birds that migrate here from the north, and then they stop here for food on their way to fly south.  She told me a pretty cool story about how birds have some sort of inner sense that allows them to find their way back to where they were born.  Pretty cool, right?  And then there are some other birds that stay here all year round.  The birds even seem to have specific friends and little groups they hang out in.

I will admit that on most days I'm running around selling houses and I think I'm too busy to stop and "smell the roses", but today I realized how important it is to take some time (even just an hour) to watch the beauty of nature that's right outside our doors.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!  And if you get a chance, take a moment to watch the beauty of nature right outside your door!

xo Nikki

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