Monday, December 2, 2013


My BFF Jackie came over the night before Thanksgiving to help me cook! It was awesome and so fun! We laughed so hard! 
The best part was celebrating with people I love!  I had 6 people cousin, my aunt and uncle, my great uncle and B and his mom.  It was a ton of food for 6 people but we had lots of leftovers, just the way Thanksgiving should be!  My family loved meeting B and his mom too!  

I also have something fun in the works! I have been loving making tons of holiday stay tuned for a little side venture!  

Here are some of the crafty things I've been doing lately....

I sewed this table runner for the holiday table...I wanted something that would work all year round too!
I also made this wreath for B's door :) Totally over the top, but fun for the kids!
I also think ALL Christmas stuff should be a little over the top! 
The cutest part of Thanksgiving was watching this little guy poke his head in the window of my cousin's basement looking for his food! (she feeds the birds, and I like to feed the turkeys!)
Hope you all are having a good holiday season so far! 23 days until Christmas!!!!! 

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