Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Choose Happiness!!!

I know you've heard the saying "mind over matter"....well, with Lupus, it's easy to get discouraged when our bodies hurt so much!  I am not saying we can wish away Lupus...we can't, of course.  But I do think that when we make an effort to wake up each day and thank God for giving us more days, we can find ways to enjoy those days!  

This past weekend we headed up to Canada to visit our family.  It was so nice to see everyone and celebrate Alec's Grandma's 75th birthday!  We had so much fun and seeing everyone loving on our cutie pie was so heartwarming! His older cousins adore playing with him, and it's super cute! We also got to try out our new backpack carrier by hiking in Gatineau Park, which is SO stunningly gorgeous!  This is one of the photos I took...
That view! I could have stayed there all was that pretty! 

We also got to go pumpkin picking, visited the Canadian History Museum (Alec loved the kids room! and I think Mommy & Daddy had just as much fun in there as A did! ;)) We were so lucky to be there with Brent's mom who is so knowledgeable and was able to teach me about the exhibits at the museum.  I love learning new things! 

I hope you're all able to find joys in each day, have the physical strength to go outside for even a few minutes each day and soak up the gorgeous fall weather.  God is good! 

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