Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Chloe + Isabel Holiday Shopping to Benefit the Lupus Foundation of America!

This post is a different one for me, but something I've wanted to share with all of you ladies for a little while now.  One of the most challenging things about Lupus is keeping a traditional job.  Between all of the doctor's appointments, fatigue, illness, and everything that goes along with Lupus, it can be difficult if not impossible to work a traditional 8 to 5 schedule.   My "day job" is as a Real Estate Broker, but I have recently started working with Chloe + Isabel to sell their jewelry, home and beauty items.  This company affords me the opportunity to work from home at my own pace, as well as to set up pop-up shops on days and times that work for me where I get to talk with other women too!  The bonus of socializing with other women is huge!  If you have Lupus (or even if you don't!) and you're looking for a way to earn additional income, please email me at about joining the Chloe + Isabel family.
If you'd like to do some holiday shopping, or shopping for yourself, click this link and it will bring you to my boutique!  For the month of December, I'm donating 20% of my profits to the Lupus Foundation of America for sales through this pop-up boutique!

Also everyone who shops will be entered to win $25 off their next order of $75 or more!  And if you're interested in hosting a pop-up shop (if you're local to MA, we can do it in person and if not, we can do it online!), you can win free jewelry just for hosting!

Here are some beautiful pieces under $50!  With Lupus, it can be hard to wake up and feel beautiful, so something sparkly certainly helps!
We also have awesome birthstone jewelry and stacking rings that I love!  They are great for moms or grandmothers, you can stack a ring for each child.  Or, for couples you could wear a ring for each of your birthstones.  Another idea is that us Lupus ladies can wear a purple ring for Lupus awareness!
Take a look around the site and see what you think would make you feel even more beautiful!  If you have questions, email me at and I can help you out.

You can also use the FFHOL15 code to get 25% off through Dec 15th!
It's also SUPER important to point out that I totally understand that we have sensitive skin with Lupus and some jewelry can be irritating.  Chloe + Isabel is all hypoallergenic, lead-free and nickle-free.  And every piece of jewelry is backed by a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!  :)

I've had some questions about shipping in time for Christmas.  If you order soon, and the item is in stock, you'll get it in 3 to 5 days with standard shipping.  :)

Seriously ladies, if you're in need of more income or wanting to switch jobs, please reach out to me. This is a great way to make money and help other women feel confident!  You don't even have to "do sales".  The jewelry sells itself.  Just wear it and people will ask you where you got it, and then you just direct them to your site!  It's easy and fun!

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