Monday, June 6, 2016

Dream Home Ideas

Do you ever dream about what your ideal house would look like?  
I'm a real estate broker, so I think about this a lot.  In the area I live in, it's mostly Colonial style homes with a Pottery Barn feel, which is nice, but not my style.  I absolutely love a cute little country house.  Modern Farmhouse would probably best describe my favorite style.  Oddly enough, our current house cannot be any more opposite than that!  Our home now is a modern style ranch from the 1960's that was originally more mid-century in style but is decorated in an eclectic mix of whatever we have thrown together or collected over the years.  If I could build or buy new, and start from scratch, this is the home I would design.  What would your home look like?  I love Pinning things on Pinterest, especially when I'm a little stressed and need a break.  Here's my dream home Pinterest board.  Feel free to follow me and add your own! 

Share your favorites in the comments below :)
xoxo Nikki

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