Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lupus and Fatigue...Finding the energy to enjoy your life!

This is one of my favorite photos of me and my son.  I don't post photos of his face online publicly... I believe that when he's old enough to decide if he wants to be on the internet, he can be.  But I think even without seeing his face, you can see that he's happy.  If you're a parent, then you know that your children's happiness is so important.  We all want to enjoy every moment with our kids.  If you have Lupus, then you know that the fatigue can get really challenging.  Some days, you probably have to force yourself to do the simple things that an average person doesn't even think about.  I know I have those days.  My hands are the most affected for me.  I recently was diagnosed with something called CREST syndrome, but will write more about that in another post.  It's basically a limited version of scleroderma that I have in addition to Lupus and it affects my hands a lot.  
As a mom, I want to spend every second I can doing fun things with my son.  I love taking him to parks, to the city to museums, to petting zoos, or just running around playing with him.  I love being outside with him and watching him explore.  I have been trying to find ways to manage the fatigue and the pain, so that I can enjoy all those moments with him.  In the photo above, I actually started off having a really hard day.  I am so thankful that Brent is such a great dad and a great partner and that he helps as much as he does, but I like to do things on my own too.  I've found that on days when I wake up sore and fatigued, that the best thing for me to do is to do as much moderate exercise as I can to help stretch out and get some energy.  I also do drink my AdvoCare spark drink for some energy, and that helps me a lot.  I often find that once I get out of the house and start moving, that the joy of the day outweighs any pain by SO much.  I absolutely LOVE seeing my son happy.  When you have a chronic illness you never know how it will affect you in the future, so living each day to the fullest is so important.  Even if you don't have an illness, none of us know how many days God will grant us.  We all have to be happy & live in the moment.  If you have Lupus and battle fatigue, I would love to know what's worked for you! Please feel free to comment below.  xoxo Nikki

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