Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dealing with common illness while having Lupus...

Lupus is hard enough, right?  Add in your average germs and it can be really challenging.  I live in Massachusetts and the winters here tend to be filled with lots of common every day germs like colds and stomach bugs.  Our 2 year old son got a little stomach bug yesterday and sure enough I woke up today not feeling so good.  Instead of being able to just be "normal" and worry about the stomach bug, of course I started worrying about how this would affect me overall -- would I get more sick, would lupus flare up and be more painful, would it go away quickly, etc?  The thoughts are hard to manage when you get sick.  I think we all know that.  

I have been trying to live in the moment, in each day, without worry about the future.  I am so blessed to have a wonderful supportive family and a man who loves me and takes great care of me when I'm sick, but being sick itself is hard.  I generally try to keep the posts here very upbeat and positive, but I wanted to be honest about how I'm feeling today.  I'm sure I'm not alone.  

We just had an amazing trip up to Canada to see family.  Lots of hockey, sledding, a few too many glasses of wine (which I try my best to limit, but staying up late with family is always so fun) and maybe I pushed myself a little too hard and I'm paying for it now, but life is about making memories with people you love.   I'm wondering how you handle balancing things in life, the late fun nights with the common illnesses and also work and being a parent?  If you have lupus (or any other illness) and you're reading this right now, please comment below with your thoughts and any advice you may have.   I'm loading up on vitamins, being diligent about taking my medicine and trying to put mind over matter.  Sometimes just getting up, taking a shower and continuing with my day is all I need to feel better.  Sometimes it's not.  What works for you?  I'd love to have this be a place where we can share tips and help each other through this.  Hang in there friends! xoxo

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